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RFD900x / RFD868x Multivehicle (Swarm) coming soon


We have been working on updates for our (x) series modems, RFD900x and RFD868x to enable multiple vehicles from one ground station.  We have successfully tested 5 vehicles at standard Mission Planner rates with 1 GCS and can easily switch between vehicles to control them all from one control station.   Please send a message to info@rfdesign.com.au for a pre-release Beta software release!.  It will be posted for general use shortly in our files download pages.   Thanks for your support!, Seppo.

More Pixhawk/Cube Products and Modem Tool Update

We are continuing to add new accessories for the Pixhawk Cube flight controllers.  Power Bricks, RTK Rover units and Cubes standalone for system integrators.Also released is the latest version of RFD modem tools (V2.0), which supports all of our modems from one utility.  This has been rewritten, based on work from Micheal Oborne from Mission [...]

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PIXHAWK2 IN STOCK 20 March 2017

We have Pixhawk2 in stock ready for immediate shipment from today. Along with HERE, HERE+ (RTK) gps's and RFD900 interface cables.

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RFD868+ Modem announced

We have recently announced the RFD868+ modem suitable for European markets!The latest configuration tools supports configuration of the RFD868+ modems.

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RFD900+ Radio modem announced

We are proud to announce the RFD900+, with best in class RF performance.It is based on the very capable RFD900, bringing in updated hardware to achieve better performance, durability and immunity to interference.Below are some of the updates on the RFD900+ :Same form factor and main I/O pins as compared to the original RFD900, it [...]

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DHL shipping to USA, more countries coming soon

We have negotiated cheaper shipping rates with DHL to the USA !Typical RFD900 bundle orders (0.5kg) cost only around $34 AUD, ($30 USD) shipped to the USA by DHL Express.We're adding more countries soon.

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RFD900 Multipoint Software

We have just released new firmware and configuration tools for RFD900 modems which enable multipoint communications.This is ideal for sensor networks, multiple ground control stations for UAVs and wide area telemetry applications.Please see the RFD900 product page for updated details!

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RFDFLEX - Flexible PCB antennas available now

We have just released a new flexible PCB antenna designed especially for UAV system integrators utilising the RFD900, or other 900MHz band ISM radio.It is designed to be easy to use, ground plane independent, and have good performance!The design is quite broad band which lets it be used on a variety of surfaces.We have tested [...]

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New RF Cables in-store

We have just added more RF cables to give system integrators options in connecting antennas, modems and test equipment. Wishing all Happy Holidays and Best wishes for 2013! Seppo-

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Modem Accessories Available

We have just added a bunch of new accessories to make integration of the RFD900 modem into your application easier ! Ardupilot integrators will appreciate the APM Telemetry cable which allows easy connection to APM1/2. Antenna integration is made easier with RPSMA coaxial cables which make moving the antenna to your desired location easy. Other news: The second [...]

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