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RFD900+ Radio modem announced

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We are proud to announce the RFD900+, with best in class RF performance.

It is based on the very capable RFD900, bringing in updated hardware to achieve better performance, durability and immunity to interference.

Below are some of the updates on the RFD900+ :

  • Same form factor and main I/O pins as compared to the original RFD900, it is a true drop in replacement.
  • New LNA with higher gain and high IP3 for high interference environments. Approx 1-2dB higher sensitivity compared to original RFD900.
  • Updated CPU with double the RAM and Flash compared to RFD900.
  • AES Hardware accelerated encryption support *software still in development for this *
  • Fully ESD protected + filtered - Every IO port is protected and filtered. It has passed CISPR 22 radiated emissions testing at an accredited test lab.
  • Thicker PCB for extra mechanical strength.
  • On board voltage regulation for all circuits compliant with FCC modular approval.

The RFD900+ is available for purchase now from our online store