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RFDFLEX - Flexible PCB antennas available now


We have just released a new flexible PCB antenna designed especially for UAV system integrators utilising the RFD900, or other 900MHz band ISM radio.

It is designed to be easy to use, ground plane independent, and have good performance!

The design is quite broad band which lets it be used on a variety of surfaces.

We have tested it on various materials typically found on small, light UAVs and can confirm that performance in free space, on foam, on mylar/solarfilm, on balsa/film surfaces is excellent!

The specified return loss is better than -10dB, however typically achieved values are around -15 to -25dB across the entire 900 MHz ISM band (902-928MHz)

Maximum typical Gain is estimated at 2dBi, we used 3D electromagnetic modeling tools to optimise the structure for minimum return loss and maximum gain.

Use of this antenna is easy, as it has integrated feed point matching, an integrated balun for feed cable isolation and solder resist defined gold plated pads for soldering.

The great thing about the antenna is its very thin profile and light weight at only 1.3 grams.

Various cable options are coming soon for the antenna to allow optimal cable lengths to be selected for each individual application.

We hope you like our new antenna !